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I can’t say that the self-induced sweatshop of diaper sewing has finished as I have 8 sitting next to me half done. They only need their leg elastic and top-stitching. The end is in sight! Overall, I have really enjoyed making them. They became very fast in the end as I started to operate on auto-pilot while making them, my mind wandering elsewhere. It was quite enjoyable! I didn’t include in my cost breakdown the cost of thread – this ended up being close to $20 because they eat thread like crazy. I was able, however, to use up a bunch of bobbins that had odds and ends on them since I didn’t care about coordinating colours/matching fabric to thread. Something to keep in mind :)

I have been knitting, though!

Since I really enjoy Ginny’s Yarn Along on Wednesdays, I thought I would share what I’m reading & knitting.

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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain is an account of both research and experience about being introverted in an extroverted world. I picked it up after hearing her interviewed on Q with Jian Ghomeshi. Her ideas about introverted-ness, along with the research to support many of her claims, captivated me as I am a classic introvert – although I have learned to be quite extroverted when I need/want to be. For anyone out there who is quiet – not necessarily shy as she outlines in the book that this is quite different – it’s a book worth picking up for the sheer joy of reading how to find our ‘sweet spot’ in balancing our natural tendency as introverts to want time alone but also be active in the world around us. It’s also nice to read that it’s not a disease and there’s nothing wrong with us if we don’t absolutely love group work! What a relief!

In terms of knitting. Kelly inspired me to finally try the contiguous method, which I have read/heard is the most perfect fit of all the sweater construction methods. I was curious to understand the method so I bought Walnuss and cast on for Same Same – I know, confusing. You get both patterns when you buy Walnuss and can opt for either method – I wanted it for the contiguous method, hence casting on for Same Same. I have finished the yoke and am currently finishing the armholes. I placed it on my dress form last night & Kelly was totally right – the fit is unreal. I’ll keep you posted. I’m actually thinking about making this a pullover rather than another cardigan – not sure at this point but may join it in the round beneath the bust.

The yarn has been reknit and stashed repeatedly for a long time – it’s discontinued Rowan Purelife (DK) Organic Wool. I absolutely love this wool but I think because it’s my favourite colour and I love it so much, nothing I make is “good enough” in it and I end up frogging it. Hopefully, this will not be another one of those stories.

I’m out into the garden to weed – we have sun here so I want to take advantage! Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. I've been sooo curious about this book. I think I'll read it after my current book.So glad you are trying contiguous, excited to see how it progresses.

  2. Thanks for the link of the sweater. It's just what I was looking for! I love top down anything :) Great color you chose.

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