woodstove season.

After October 1st’s heavy post (which thus far, I am doing well but it’s only been 2 days – M printed off a copy and made me sign it, then he taped it to the bathroom mirror to keep me accountable … I guess he liked the idea?!?!), I wanted to share something that was a pure joy to work on.

Alicia approached me to test knit this gorgeous chevron sweater back in the summer and while I hesitated at first due to James still being so young, I decided to jump in and try test knitting anyhow. In an effort to knit up a wearable, timeless cardigan, I bought some Patons Classic Wool. It kept this project super affordable and 100% wool all at the same time!

woodstove season - side

Pattern: Woodstove Season by Alicia Plummer (due to be released in late October)

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool in Dark Grey Mix

Needles: 5.00mm for the ribbing, 5.5mm for the rest

woodstove season - back

The chevron pattern is gorgeous but subtle all at the same time. It’s something interesting to look at without taking away from the neutral quality of this cardigan. The pockets add enough interest to the front of the sweater while keeping it quiet and cosy.

woodstove season - pocket

woodstove season - front 3

I have written about my issues with choosing buttons for cardigans before – this sweater was no different! I had the perfect buttons in my stash … but I only had 12 and I needed 14 (this is a looong sweater – part of what I love about it!). I headed out on a quest but an hour later, I still hadn’t found anything. After looking at what I had narrowed it down to, I realized I was looking for the buttons that I had at home that weren’t enough (no, I can’t get more) so I started again (from scratch, putting the ones that I had at home out of my mind) and found these immediately.

woodstove season - buttons

You can’t see in the photos, but they have tiny flowers on them that make them really special. And again, very subtle. There seems to be a theme to this sweater …

woodstove season - front

The length is perfect. The sleeves are perfect – I actually knit the 36” size sleeves for once, rather than knitting one size larger in the sleeves. I love how it drapes – it’s not heavy although it is substantial … warm is an understatement!

woodsrove season - buttoned

Buttoned up … it’s too warm for our weather right now but I can see that this will be wonderful in the winter, curled up by the fire. It never really gets that cold here but it does get very damp and that’s where a sweater like this is great!

Thank you to Alicia for asking me to test this for you – I loved working on it! Alicia asked me to post a photo with James but he had his immunizations this morning and has been uncomfortable and fussing ever since – he’s finally fallen asleep so wake him I did not :) but here is a photo from the other day of our happy, healthy boy:


Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Just beautiful, and so, so cozy-looking! I love that shade of Patons — I've used it many, many times.

  2. Love your woodstove and look at that adorable smile! SO cute!

  3. oh my gosh! I didnt get to see him awake the other day but man is that the best little smile!!! He;s so handsome! And you look great too by the way!

  4. Yeah he is pretty cute! Thanks :)

  5. Hopefully you can see him awake next time we get together!! He's more & more awake haha

  6. Thank you Kelly!

  7. Yeah it's such a great yarn!

  8. yeah, it is woodstove season now, it is time to get wood stoves and get new cotton-padded clothes or down jackets.

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