weekend glory.

We have had a difficult weekend. Early Saturday night, after Christmas party number 2 (of 4), I came down with the stomach flu. Unfortunately, I haven’t fully recovered. M came down with it last night almost immediately after his final exam, which finished his semester (yahoo!) – we should have been out celebrating tonight … but we ended up giving the tickets to my parents. Thankfully, TinyTuna did not get a bad case of the flu – he only vomited a few times on Saturday and that was the end of it. He was back to his cheerful, although tired, self yesterday.


We did make it to 3 of our planned Christmas outings … it was fun to get dressed up & have some nights out just the two of us – my lovely parents babysat! Bless them! What holiday festivities are you enjoying throughout the month? I hope you stay happy, healthy & enjoy the season!

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  1. gorgeous dress! hope you're feeling better – it's never fun to be sick over the holidays!

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