cosy cardigan KAL.

This might sound strange but I haven’t been a part of a KAL … Mmm … Ever. But my friend Chrissy (of the video podcast, snappystitches) and I are both loving the Cosy(me) cardigan by the very talented designer Nadia, so we decided to do a KAL together!

I can’t believe these patterns from the eBook Emmitouflage(s) aren’t viral on Ravelry. They are gorgeous, wearable, classic (in a modern twist kind of way), and incredibly well-written. I’ve knit two of them so far (here and here)  – this is my third. And I plan to knit at least two more after this … Possibly three but I’m torn between one of Nadia’s other patterns (Miss Marple to be honest! Super cute!).


As per my usual, I am playing with gauge on this one. I was going to buy a worsted weight yarn, which is called for in the pattern but I decided to go with a slightly thicker yarn (Cascade Ecological in Vanilla 8014). I am knitting the XS to have a finished project that will be somewhere between the S and M. In all honesty, partly why I decided to do this is because my knitting time is limited and a slightly bigger gauge will knit up slightly faster. I am hoping to have this for summer: When we are camping, it usually cools off quite a bit and I’m wanting something for over my shoulders while I’m nursing N.

Please join us if you are jonsing to knit this sweater! Neither Chrissy nor I expect to knit this quickly as we both have newborns so, Please! Join us! There’s a Cosy(you) for toddlers & kids also, which can totally be included in the KAL. If you’re not wanting to knit an adult sweater, please join and knit the kids version.

Use #cosykal to keep us updated on Instagram & Twitter!

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  1. You have chosen two of my favourite pieces I’ve knitted to date, both really really fun and go-with-anything cardigans I think. Thanks for popping by and admiring mine :)

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