This has been finished for a while but I had to wait for buttons and then I had to decide whether I was going to lengthen the sleeves. I decided (at this time) not to lengthen them but I may still change my mind and I have enough yarn to make that change if I decide to. It would be an easy change of adding 2 extra inches to each.


I hadn’t been planning to knit this. It hasn’t been languishing in my queue forever. I haven’t had yarn set aside for an eternity. This was completely spur of the moment, impulse buy, cast-on immediately kind of knit. Long and the short? One of the women (Carly) who works in my local yarn shop was wearing hers, it was KIP day back in June and Alexa Ludeman was at our local yarn shop. I was inspired and actually just really wanted to knit a non-wool cardigan for August. We’ve been having a really really hot summer and I thought having a non-wool sweater might come in super handy when we go camping in late August, early September. As well, our fall might be quite warm but sometimes, when we are down at the water, we still need something on our shoulders.


Pattern :: Lush Cardigan by tincanknits

Yarn :: Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima in natural, undyed (3.25 skeins)

Needles :: 4.00mm for body and lace, 3.5mm for ribbing, 5.00mm for sleeves (needed for slightly more ease)


   I chose this yarn over the equivalent in Berroco due to the sheen. It’s quite lovely. I had a tough time finding appropriate buttons, and as it happens, they needed to be a bit bigger (which I may rectify in future). I ordered them from Hong Kong and it took forever to get them – but that’s just because of shipping from Asia, not the seller’s fault!


There is very little to say about this marathon knit because I didn’t stop for anything – I knit it within about 2 weeks. I made no modifications. Based on Carly’s fit in the shop, I knit the S (33”) bust size. I’m really glad I did as this cotton is gonna stretch big time!


The buttons are green-bronze antique looking buttons that are very lovely. I am kind of in love with them.


For wearability, I think I will get lots of wear. I hope so anyhow. I will let you know. I loved knitting this and while it’s not my best work, it’s still quite lovely.

Happy knitting :)

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