This was one of those projects in which I just kind of started knitting and decided as I went what I wanted to do.


I started with a large garter stitch tab because I love the look of them when they are huge. I worked increases at the edge every row using yarn overs but then knit or purled them through the back loops when I came to them. I started working garter through the shawl but then changed my mind and worked a stockinette section, then thought … well, maybe I need some short rows for interest. So I did that. I love the look of invisible Japanese short rows in St st, so I used those. Then I finished the short row sections and decided to take a little break and go back to garter … and so on, and so on.


Pattern :: my own stream of asymmetrical consciousness, measured 66.5” x 24.5”

Yarn :: Hedgehog Fibres Merino, Black Alpaca, Sparkle handspun {ravelry page}, 475 yards, navajo/chain plied

Needles :: 5.00mm


There isn’t much to say about this HUGE shawl – it drapes just as I had hoped it would. Blocking it was super easy as I just soaked it in lukewarm water with wool wash, pressed it in a towel and then stretched it out on the my blocking table dinning room table.



We went for a walk today along a local trail near our house – it was closing in on 30 degrees C as we were taking these photos. Oh my goodness, this is a hot shawl! I started sweating but due to the alpaca blend, I’m not surprised. Alpaca is known for its warmth!


And the sun was shining brightly! We had a lovely walk with my brother, SIL and their daughter. It was great fun but we were all hot hot hot, never mind modeling this hot shawl.


Anyhow, I loved knitting this. I loved the long short row repeats. It wasn’t mindless but I had breaks every so often. And the drape is lovely. I think I will wear it like this a lot with jeans and a t-shirt in the fall!

Happy knitting-with-your-handspun :)

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  1. It is lovely. The colors are so beautiful. Great job!

  2. Gorgeous colors! There is just nothing like handspun knit up.

    1. You said it! I totally agree :) thank you!

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