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As you all know from reading here and following me on Instagram, I am huge fan of TurtleMade Spindles. Coming back to spindle spinning after working on a wheel for so long has opened up a world for me that I never knew existed, at least not in a cerebral way – by this I mean, in a thinking about, engaging in, having conversations about spindle spinning way.


In less than two months, I have bought quite a few spindles. It’s unusual for me to add to my tools and stash in a quick way like I have done but there are so many spindles and spindle-makers out there!


Turkish spindles seem to be enjoying a sort of renaissance at the moment. Why? Some love them for their compact design – when the spinning is finished, they slip apart for storage and travel. They don’t spin as quickly as other spindles due to the placement of the whorl and the shape but wow – do they make lovely yarns. The weight of the spindle pulls the fibre out but once it’s plied, washed and dried? The finished yarns are bouncy and airy with lovely twist.


Sampling some Icelandic on my Turkish spindles – the resulting yarn is perfect! Low twist, lofty and light.


Turkish spindles differ from bottom or top whorl spindles in that they have ‘arms’ that slip into one another and the shaft is then slipped in to anchor the arms together. To spin, one can spin a leader to start with or begin with a piece of commercial yarn knotted from the bottom, then the yarn is secured at the top with a half-hitch or hook. Generally, the top of the shaft is shaped so that spinner can place a half-hitch to begin spinning. From there, the cop is wound by creating an ‘over two, under one’ pattern and if you’ve seen Turkish Spindles on Instagram (search #turkishspindles), you will also have seen beautifully wound turtles/cops! I don’t tend to slow down to wind my cops in this layered way for these reasons, but they sure are beautiful! Although I have yet to be able to find my starting point, many ply from their turtles as a centre-pull ball.


There is a quick and simple reason why I love these particular spindles so much.

They are awesome to start on and grow from there. An expert spindle spinner would have a wonderful time playing with these spindles because they are balanced and wonderful tools to work on. A beginner won’t be worried about dropping it because it’s plastic – you don’t have to worry!

If dropped, yes, the shaft will get a bit lodged in the arms but that is the case with all Turkish spindles if they are dropped so it is a little tight to push them apart when you are taking off your finished ‘turtle’. The standard size TurtleMade spindles are 30-34 grams, which is a perfect medium-weight spindle to create lovely yarns – most spindle teachers recommend starting on a spindle 30-40 grams in weight, whether it’s a bottom or top whorl spindle.


If you are a spindle spinner already, you will notice that spindles are not always the cheapest tool. There are spindles out there that retail for $200CAD! But for my workhorse spindles, I want to spend a moderate amount for a useful, good quality tool that I can replace if it is lost or damaged, or if a friend wants to learn then buy the spindle from me (I can then replace it without feeling as though I’ve lost something valuable!).


Although I’m not in the USA, these spindles (even with our terrible exchange at this time!) are really affordable – buying a couple doesn’t break the bank or cause me anxiety! You may chuckle at that but when making a spinning wheel purchase, you want to know that what you’re buying will stand the test of time! If I accidentally leave this somewhere, I’ll be upset because I’ll lose my spinning on it but thankfully, it will be easily replaced.


Jen has been lovely to work with – my curious and sometimes grumpy toddler chewed the end of one of my newly ordered shafts but Jen had a replacement in the mail for me right-quick. The ordering was easy! At a recent fibre festival here in the Greater Vancouver area, I saw a coral colour that I was kicking myself later I didn’t buy. I contacted Jen and she was able to send me two arms (one large, one small) in that limited edition colour! Prompt feedback and help is something I look for in my online buying experience because unlike in a store, there is no physical person there! Being able to communicate quickly through online interactions is really important.


A micro gradient spindle giveaway that fits in the palm of my hand!


To get the word out there about these spindles, Jen has generously offered a giveaway for you guys! In addition to dyeing yarn, printing niddy-noddies, standard spindles and other items, Jen makes the coolest micro spindles. AND, she’s offered one of her gradient spindles at that! To enter, leave a comment below telling us what about spindle spinning you love most!

Good luck! I’ll draw a winner and announce it on the blog on May 25th! Thank you to Jen for this amazing giveaway – I hope you guys will head over to her shop and check out more of her items.


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  1. For me, it’s the portability. I can go for a walk and spin at the same time. I can take it with me to the airport. Spindle spinning can go where you go, and that’s the best thing about it.

  2. Thank for this giveaway! I’ve been looking at turtlemade spindles for a while… I own just one turkish spindle and I love it! What I could say I love the most about spindle spinning is that I am really quite amazed when I wing my yarn on the branches, I mean, compared to spinning on a wheel, you really get a closer, slower look at every yard you’ve made. I also have to add to this how much I do love the fact that you end up with a removable ball of yarn, I love using lose for plying :)

  3. Hi Rachel!

    I tryed leaving a comment on your post, but it doesn’t appear anywhere… also, when I press Like on your post, I get ask to create an account on which I have to create my own blog… Anyways, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, can you please help me?

    By the way, you have an amazingly inspirational and informative blog and podcast. I totally understand if you want to podcast when you have time and feel up to it! I know the busy life with kids, dog and work, I so understand!

    Thanks for everything,

    Josée Labrie (ravelry = Tricothon)

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    rachel posted: “As you all know from reading here and following me on Instagram, I am huge fan of TurtleMade Spindles. Coming back to spindle spinning after working on a wheel for so long has opened up a world for me that I never knew existed, at least not in a cerebral “

  4. Right now I’ve been teaching myself to spin so the spindle has been an affordable way to start. I also live in an incredibly small space at the moment will little storage so spindles are an excellent way to expand my fiber knowledge and practice without needing lots of space.

  5. I love the portability of spindles. My daughter and I go on walks most days and I’m able to very easily take my spinning along.

  6. I would have to agree that portability is the major draw for me when it comes to spindling! I can slip my spindle bag on my wrist and go anywhere with it and one of the fun parts happens when someone takes the time to stop and ask what you are up to or you hypnotize your nearby onlookers. 😊 I’d have to say though that the best part of spindling for me is the amount of control you have over the weight of your yarn. I can easily spin a lace or sock weight yarn on my spindles that I can nearly never get on my fast paced wheel. I’ve never tried a turtlemade spindle by Jen but I’ve been eyeballing them for quite some time! Thanks for all the info Rachel! ❤️

  7. I love the portability of spindle spinning and the fact that it makes me stop and concentrate on something relaxing for a period of time. I’ve never tried a turkish spindle and would love to.

  8. I just started spinning a few weeks ago and I am obsessed. I love all of the types of spindles and fiber. Turkish spindles are the only kind i haven’t tried yet but i have been dying to.

  9. I learned to spin on a spindle, so my spindle spinning is better/ more consistent than my wheel spinning. I find spindle spinning to be very relaxing and productive at the same time. I currently have 2 turtle made spindles and love them.

  10. Turkish spindles are my most favourite. I love everything about spindles, maybe that’s way I never tried spinning on wheel. Most of my spindles are Turkish. I also love Turtlemade’s spindles, I have only 3 ( two mini with supported shaft and Femto). Love them to pieces.

  11. I have not tried spindles yet. I have a beautiful Lendrum wheel but have been thinking about learning to spindle spin for a while now. This might be the push I need! Thanks for this post! Jan

  12. Love the post and the little Turtle Made Spindle. I started with spindles and just got my wheel this past Christmas. I agree with the reasons mentioned so far, but while I love my wheel, what I like best about spindling, and why I continue to do it almost daily is that it makes me stand up. Yes, I can spin sitting in a chair, but the most comfortable and efficient way for me to use my drop and Turkish spindles is standing up.

    I work sitting at my desk all then and then enjoy knitting (usually sitting down on the couch), reading, and spinning on my wheel. All are very sedentary activities and the knitting isn’t helping with “Tech Neck”. Spindle spinning gives me a chance to indulge in one of my favorite fiber related activities while standing up and stretching out. Plus I can pick it up for a couple of minutes here and there while I take a break from work without a lot of prep or setup. I spin a few yards and get back to typing away at my computer.

  13. I love spindle spinning because I wouldn’t have been able to spin at all last year otherwise. The small size allowed me to have two spindles so I could work on very different spinning projects based on my mood. I was living in a very small space that was not a good fit for even a small wheel. Now I have space for a wheel, but I know I will never stop spinning on spindles. I love knowing that I’m creating something with such a simple machine. It really works a part of my brain nothing else does.

  14. I like how convenient and accessible spindles are. I have 2 young children so I can not sit at my wheel during the day, but my spindles allow me to spin a few yards here and there. I always have one or two spindle projects going on the kitchen counter.

  15. I learned to spin using a turkish spindle. I taught my sister to spin using a turkish spindle. I love spindle spinning especially in the spring, summer and fall when I like to be outside. I just pick up a spindle and run out the door! I have a few antique spinning wheels but my first love will always be spindle spinning. I love the results from spindle spinning – it’s easy to over spin on a wheel – not so much with a spindle.

  16. I haven’t done much spindle spinning, but I like how it is portable. All the Turtle Made spindles I have bought have gone to others. It would be great to get one of these little cuties!

  17. I like to be busy, whether its knitting, or gardening or whatever. Having a spindle means I can feel productive even when I have only a few moments to spare. Though productive is a relative term – I am still trying to get the hang of it!

  18. I love the peaceful feeling I get when I spin. I don’t think about other things, just spin.

  19. Hi,
    I am trying to post a comment on spinning on a Turkish spindle. I am living this spin process and these tools are beautiful and fun. I am an art yarn spinner but have recently been spinning some very fine yarn and blowing my mind! I’m hooked and would love to be selected for this fun spindle and add to my growing collection!

  20. I am in the market for a spindle but don’t want to spend much because this may be the only time I try it. This would be great.

  21. I started spinning on suspended spindles a couple of months ago. I have been spinning on a wheel for many years. Spinning on suspended spindles brought me back to the roots of spinning. Adding twist, drafting and winding on put you intimately into the spinning process. It is meditative, engrossing and frankly, just so much fun. My next step is spinning on a Turkish spindle. That tidy yarn package looks so easy to deal with. And with Turtle Made you get modern materials and ancient craft. What an interesting pairing.

  22. I love my spindles! I only have 2 right now but will be getting more. I started spinning on a spindle because I wanted to see if I could spin before investing in a wheel. I also get great satisfaction from spinning the way women did thousands of years ago. Turkish spindles are soooo cute! I love the turtles they make whether they are round or flat- bottomed. Thank you Rachel and Jen for making this giveaway possible!

  23. I would like to try a Turtle Made spindle. Can’t quite understand how they can be made on a 3D printer! Would be very portable, like when I have to go and babysit sick grandchildren. Love your blog and podcast. Very professionally done. Even the impromptu one.

  24. Oh I’m a sucker for that gradient! I love turkish spindles and have many, but have not tried a Turtle Made one yet. I love them for their portability, their pretty cops, and the easy of spinning with them while still sitting down due to their shorter shafts.

  25. Hi! And thank you for a lovely episode on youtube! You are awsome! Currently I’m spinning on a turkish spindle I bougth from a lovely lady who makes them her self. It is 22grams, and I bougth it about a year ago.
    At first I did not like it at all, mostly I bougth it so that I could have it in my stash, because I like how they look.
    But then, at the same spinning-retreat this year, a other spinner was spinning from a package from Ashford, those with 6 or so coulors in, total 100grams of wool. I had some of the same stuff in my stash, and started spinning on the spindle when I got home. It is a slow going project, but it is great to have outside, while the kids are playing and walking around.
    And the episode from you got me even more into this projekt!


  26. I like the portability of a spindle. I am addicted to spinning and have to have my fix with me at all times. I have a Joy and it is portable, but not as convenient as a spindle

  27. Spindles are great because of their size! They make the best travel companions!!!

  28. I’ve only ever spin on a top whorl drop spindle and have been kicking around the idea of a Turkish style. I like how something as simple as upgrading your spindle can be a total game changer.

    It still isn’t the same as a wheel, but the primitive feeling you get from hand making things is hard to beat.

  29. I love everything about spindles. Though I do have a wheel I rarely use it. There are many more moments during the day when I will use my spindle but won’t take out my wheel. I’ve just started using a Turkish spindle. I’m very pleased with the entire experience and with the resulting yarn.

  30. I first learned to spin on a spindle, I love them cause I can spin while cooking dinner!

  31. I still consider myself a new spinner. I continue to expand my knowledge of wools and drafting zones.. Most of all I enjoy the focus it provides and ability to not concentrate on issues that bring me down

  32. I love how portable it is. Last summer, I took my spinning with me camping and u couldn’t have dinner that with my wheel! I currently have one of Jen’s larger Turkish spindles and it sits on my bedside table. Every night before bed, I spin for 5-10 minutes. It’s been slow but I’m loving the results.

  33. I love how spindle spinning is. Last summer I took my spindle with me camping, which I couldn’t have done with my wheel. I currently have one of Jen’s turkish spindles on my bedside table. Each night, I spend 5-10 minutes spinning and while it’s slow, I’m loving how the yarn is looking!

  34. I’ve recently come back to spinning on spindles. I’ve done the majority of my spinning on a wheel but I’m falling back in love with spindles. My favorite thing about them is their portability. It’s so fun to take a spindle “on the go” and seems easier to squeeze in a few moments with a spindle vs setting up the wheel.

  35. I have a spinning wheel but have never tried a Turkish spindle. Love the idea of its portability. I would like to try this type of spindle to see if spindling is for me.

  36. I too love the portability of spindles. I’ve only used a top whorl spindle so far. I purchased a russian spindle but haven’t the hang of it yet. I think the turtle made spindles are adorable! I love the size of them and that they break down when not in use. I would love it if you could maybe make a short video on how to use it if possible?

  37. I love the size of spindles, – they are easily stored and also easily transported for spinning anywhere! I also really love the look of them, – I think each are like little works of art in themselves. (That’s more than one thing I know, but I couldn’t decide which was my favourite :) )

  38. I have a couple of Jenkin’s Turkish spindles that I just love! And, you are right – the Turkish spindle spins a beautiful yarn!

  39. I really love spindle spinning. It calms me down, I love the part of winding on the thread and make beautiful filled spindles, and I the portability. I always have a spindle project or several going. I think my love for spindle spinning started during a Tour de Fleece, it’s always so inspiring to see all the beautiful pictures during the Tour.

  40. Spindle spinning lets me spin when we go to our cabin on a lake. We have to boat across to the cabin and my husband has tipped the boat over before. I don’t trust my wheel will make the trip safely. I can pack a spindle to be safe in the event of a dip in the lake.

  41. I think I am torn between spindle styles…but often times find myself drawn more to Turks than to any other style, because of their portability and ease of use. Making a turtle is a FUN thing, too! *grin* I love watching the turtle change as it grows. Never ending entertainment!

  42. I am a recent convert to Spindling. I tried to spindle a few years back but failed miserably. Then I learned to use a spinning wheel. Now that I understand the mechanics of spinning I tried my hand at a spindle again and much to my amazement it worked. Something in my brain clicked and my hands made yarn on a spindle. It makes me happy that my spindle can travel with me to the cabin where it would be hard to take a wheel.

  43. I love the portability of spindles and am always surprised at how much I can spin in those little minutes during the day. I leave mine on the counter because I am in the kitchen so much. This is the first time I have seen these spindles. Love them!

  44. The think I love most about spindle spinning is that I can take it anywhere! We have all sat and waited at the doctors office… I sit and spin :)

  45. I would like to try a turtle spindle because the drop spindle that I have sims to heavy to me.
    I’m a new spinner and like the idea of portability.

  46. These are awesome! A friend taught me how to spin on a drop spindle years ago, but I didn’t quite take to it. Flash-forward many years, and I just learned how to weave this past year and became interested in spinning again. I’ve been researching all types of spindles for months now because it occurred to me that if you start out with the right equipment, you’ll have a better chance of embracing the method. I would love to give these spindles a try (my husband recently said, “Oh no; I suppose you’ll want us to have sheep in the backyard now too.” HA!). I do many different crafts, but I always return to wool in its many incarnations. I love yarn, and to spin my own would be so fun. Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  47. Goodness those are all so pretty! What I love about spindle spinning is that it set me up to begin spinning on a wheel really quickly. Since I already had the drafting down, I just had to get the hang of treadling and uptake. Thanks for the chance to win!

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