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Small wins.

I’ve been increasingly distracted lately by the fast-approaching summer months. We have been outside a huge amount and I have decided to make my physical fitness a huge priority in my life. Some of you may not know this, but I was once quite active. I snowboarded multiple times per week with my brother, ran… Continue reading Small wins.

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Little Lighthouse Pullover

Pattern: Little Lighthouse Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge {Ravelry project page here} Yarn: Berroco Vintage in colours 51105 (purple) & 6537 (minty) Needles: 4.00mm and 4.5mm I put all of my projects on hold and only worked on this last week – I call it ‘Norah’s 3-Day Sweater’ because, well, it took me three days… Continue reading Little Lighthouse Pullover

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Episode 71: Intentionality

Welcome to new and returning viewers – I hope you enjoy the show. Thank you to our Patreon subscribers of the show for keeping the show on the air week after week. You make all of this possible! This week, I chat about a couple of spins that I am intentionally spinning with my dominant… Continue reading Episode 71: Intentionality

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Life, Craft and Kids.

Many of my posts recently have been either finished objects, in-progress projects that I don’t talk about on the podcast because they aren’t handspun, my new weaving adventures or Patreon updates. Since beginning this wild journey last Spring, I feel as if time has taken on a whole other meaning – it whirls past at… Continue reading Life, Craft and Kids.

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norah sparkles

Recently, Norah asked for some new sweaters to add to her ‘collection’ – she has a drawer full of hand knit sweaters from when James was a baby and I knit quite a few then for both kids to wear. Sadly, they are now too small but she continues to want them in her dresser… Continue reading norah sparkles

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playful stripes

Recently, we traveled on the ferry to see my family, who live on Vancouver Island. The night before, as I was packing to get ready to go, Norah asked for the first time ever to wear her handknit purple sweater I’d made her for Christmas 2015. The kids never wore their sweaters because I’d made… Continue reading playful stripes

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Episode 53: Mardi gras, tiny cardigan & more colour

Thank you for tuning in this week! I chat about my newest spin in progress from Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre, a teaser is shared about Wool n' Spinning Radio, a cardigan for Norah from some old handspun, and lastly, more chatter about the Colour Studies I'm working on. I hope you enjoy the show! For… Continue reading Episode 53: Mardi gras, tiny cardigan & more colour