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mystery fibre.

In our guild, we have a program called “Mystery Fibre” that many people sign up for and I always forget to do so. At the last guild meeting for the season, I was able to get a left-over package. It was American Tunis! In raw, unwashed fleece, I decided to load up my garment bag… Continue reading mystery fibre.

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crossbreed wool

As spinners and knitters (and weavers and … ), we are often very concerned about the ‘breed’ of our fibre. It’s natural with all of the recent information out there about wool, production and environmental impacts, as well as endangered breeds, wool mills and sheep producers themselves. I’m as excited about this movement as you… Continue reading crossbreed wool

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Dancing with Shetland.

One of the recurring themes for me this year has been large quantity spins, usually referred to as ‘sweater spins’ in the handspinning community. I think this may be because people generally think of sweater quantities of yarn to be a sort of magnum opus for beginning spinners. As I was learning to spin, I… Continue reading Dancing with Shetland.

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the realm of breed specific yarns.

I am already deviating a little from my February-focus on Textured Yarns. I will continue with that discussion on Monday, but I couldn't wait any longer to chat about this yarn ... There has been much chatter in the knitting and spinning world about ‘breed specific’ yarns. It is a hot topic at the moment… Continue reading the realm of breed specific yarns.

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Episode 14 :: Getting Started with Sampling

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 14 :: Getting Started with Sampling January 2016 I'm not sure what happened but part of the sampling segment was missing and the other part repeated twice! I'm sorry for this major inconvenience but you only saw part of the story of how I sample. If you'd like to see just… Continue reading Episode 14 :: Getting Started with Sampling