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#grotine shawls

For those who haven't been on Instagram lately, Caroline has been running a KAL of her Grotine Shawl with proceeds benefiting True North Aid: 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Grotine when purchased directly from me will go to True North Aid. True North Aid is a Canadian Charity committed to serving northern… Continue reading #grotine shawls

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Episode 119: Celebration, Crepe Yarn f/u* & thwacking

Thank you for joining us this episode. Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you to our Patreon support community - I hope you are enjoying our next 51 SAL challenge, which are 'semi' yarns. In this week's show, we chat about a couple of community questions, including a follow up from a previous Spinning… Continue reading Episode 119: Celebration, Crepe Yarn f/u* & thwacking

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A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan

Slow cloth is just that: Slow. It takes a long time to make and there is deep consideration of the process. I started spinning for this project last year, on October 1, 2017, to be exact. I finished the spinning in February 2018 after a long final push to get the project finished. It had… Continue reading A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan


sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock

If you have been listening to makerRadio, you may have heard me talking about the idea of a Daily Uniform or Daily Handmade Wardrobe. The idea is very similar to a capsule wardrobe with a bit of a twist. An ‘ah-ha’ moment occurred one afternoon when I was listening to a thought my sister-in-law was… Continue reading sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock

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Spinzilla 2014.

What a week! Whew. I am pooped. I held back posting on Friday (as I normally do) in order to share with you my Spinzilla experience. I am tired, yo. It was tough. I spun a total of 3,918 yards. And I have lots of photos to share my experience with you! My upper back… Continue reading Spinzilla 2014.

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the heat of summer.

We have been having some difficulty lately with the littlest Tuna not sleeping very well or for very long. She seems to settle for about 45 minutes to an hour for one, maybe two naps per day. At night, she sleeps for about 4 hours from midnight until sometime around 4am. We went through this… Continue reading the heat of summer.

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in progress.

I have a couple of things I’m excited to share with you but … they aren’t quite ready to share. One of the projects I’ve been working on this week is almost complete – I’m just waiting for some decent weather to photograph Norah and James! In the meantime, I thought I would chat to… Continue reading in progress.