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Episode 104 Live: Weaving & Warping; Opposing Plies Yarn

Thank you for tuning in this week! We had to move the Live Stream one week early due to an unbelievable number of field trips this month. I love the Fall and the cool, crisp mornings, which are perfect for wearing sweaters and shawls; however, the number of pumpkin patch trips is a bit overwhelming.… Continue reading Episode 104 Live: Weaving & Warping; Opposing Plies Yarn

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The Language of Love

Today is my son's 5th birthday! How has the time passed this quickly?! I hope you are celebrating something wonderful this summer, too! My dear friend Katrina recently released a line of yarn to honour her friend Ann, who is currently battling cancer and just finished receiving a round of chemo in the States as… Continue reading The Language of Love

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woven: Combo Spin Scarf

While this is too long and I spoke about it length on this episode, I thought I would share some photos of my recent woven FO. I used my Leading Men Fiber Arts and Spunky Eclectic handspun yarn that I spun in August 2015. It was over-twisted but lovely and light from spinning it over… Continue reading woven: Combo Spin Scarf

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handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

After the semi-disaster I experienced after buying my loom, I found I had a wee bit of anxiety about starting another project. The table runner project turned out well, although dense, but it wasn’t a large enough confidence booster to get me to warp with a bunch of handspun immediately. Not that I think my… Continue reading handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

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weaving tea leaves and spirit

How can I relay to you how pleased I am with this first project? It’s the first project off my loom! There are copious mistakes and I could pick it apart until the cows come more, try to fix it all and feel frustrated … or I could just languish in this first project and… Continue reading weaving tea leaves and spirit

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woven rabbit hole

I seem to fall down rabbit holes again and again. You’d think I’d learn? Nope. I continue to enjoy this thing called fibre arts and all it has to offer! Some of my favourite projects to date have been these rabbit holes that I fall down continuously! This one involves weaving and all things Rigid… Continue reading woven rabbit hole