I was able to take the day off on Friday to travel out to Fibres West. I had emailed Amber (the new owner) at Wild Rose Fibres to get some information about Kromski. She was wonderful and brought a bunch of wheels to the festival – thank you! 

Some know that I have been looking at wheels for a while, humming and hawing about what would be best: spend more, buy second hand, spend less (maybe replace later) … what to do, what to do. I think talking to a fair number of people – following their advice – and finally just taking the plunge was the thing to do. I set a budget. Tried as many as I could. And compromised on little. So, coming from Alberta, will be my new Kromski Minstrel

I have already named him – yes, I know but if you know me, you understand (my car was named before I bought him too and I set out on a journey to find a car to fit the name not the other way around … I know I know). I have a few reasons for choosing the Kromski in the end – and a few reasons for the Minstrel (now to be known as Domhnall – Gaelic, English translation would be Donald, meaning “ruler of the world” – I don’t know, because I like it!). 

I want to keep this short because I have no photos to share this post but I loved that I could purchase quality and precision with the Kromski. I enjoyed them everytime I sat down at one. They are affordable. The Minstrel fit me. The Sonata was a close second as it is a travel wheel and you can also change out the flyer for a jumbo or fast flyer but the cost difference and comfort of the Minstrel sold me in the end. It is due to arrive in the mail in less than a month – hopefully much, much sooner!

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  1. Eee! So exciting!PS – I totally understand about the naming thing, I do it too. Well, usually I wait until I actually possess the thing, but it’s the first thing I do. I also usually choose names that other people don’t like or get, lol. My computer is called Lester, after the main character from American Beauty :)

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