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Officially, my new spinning wheel is in the mail!

I have recently discovered that there are many knitting techniques I have yet to try and would like to learn. When I realised Dad’s birthday was fast approaching, I decided to find a way of learning some new things without the addition of a ton of knitting. I stumbled on brooklyntweed’s Alberta. The only problem was it was published in Wild Fibers Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Issue. How in the tarnation was I to get my hands on that?  Enter ingenuity on the part of a close friend: Call the LYS! Thankfully, with one last copy to spare, I was able to procure the magazine. Not only will I be getting a subscription to the magazine for my birthday from my loving husband, M. – but I have finally found a wonderful read to satisfy my constant need to a.) read about other parts of the world, and b.) consistently be surrounded by what I love most in this world: fibre. 

Right. So…

On the bus this morning, reading my magazine (which Dad had already returned along with the yarn saying, “I guess I give this back to you.”), that I am falling one-word-at-a-time in love with, I stumble on an article about ‘mustering’ and ‘sheep’ and ‘New Zealand.’ Here is the newscast from a Kiwi-perspective (If you don’t get a big kick out of this, then there’s something wrong with you. It completely tickled me pink.):

I thought goats in a tree was odd, but flying sheep? Wonderful!

Onto Alpaca. My friend L. bought a few hanks of the most beautiful alpaca in the world at Fibres West. I had the honour – it really was an honour – to wind the yarn for her:

When we had first walked into the festival, I had beelined it straight for this yarn but I made a promise to M. that I would not buy any more yarn until I worked through my stash (especially since I was planning on purchasing a wheel, which means roving). I am very jealous L. bought this yarn but I know she is going to do absolutely beautiful things with it – I’ve seen the pattern. It’ll be amazing. I wanted to share the fibre though as it is so wonderful – the brown and blue just compliments like nothing else!

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