summer change.

In keeping with some of the blogs that I enjoy following, I wanted to post my summer manifesto as well! It’s hard not to be thinking about the summer when the sun has been out, I am 33 weeks pregnant today & life seems to be flying past me in this last trimester (I didn’t want to believe people when they said time flies at the end … but they are right). So here’s mine:

summer manifesto

Number 10 is especially important to me – I have been keeping that running in my mind like a mantra the past couple of weeks. As we approach birth, breastfeeding and parenting, I am heeding all of my midwives’ advice (I have 5 midwives – it’s a shared practice so whomever is on call when you go into labour, stays with you): “Plan for the best, educate yourself about the worst, keep your expectations low (to ensure no disappointment), and above all, remember that this is your experience, whatever it looks like.” I have approached pregnancy with this mind set and I have to admit, looking towards the end now, I can honestly say I have enjoyed the experience. I don’t want to be pregnant forever (especially because I keep spilling things on my belly because it’s in the way) but I’m glad I didn’t go into it thinking, “This is going to be the best!” or “This is going to be the worst & I’m going to hate it!” It was neither. It was what it was.

And now we are looking to a summer of enormous change! What are you looking forward to this summer?

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  1. When I had my son (who is now 9 months old), I remember thinking to myself "so this is what living in the moment is like". I really believe you don't truly live in the moment until you are a new parent: functioning on little sleep, feeling like a hot mess, but reveling in the wonder of your little one. There are times when it is day-to-day, but it is still oh-so-precious! Sounds like you have a good game plan!

  2. Congrats on being pregnant! I think your midwives are steering you in the right direction. The biggest lesson of pregnancy, and mommyhood for that matter, is that a lot of the time you aren't in control. This summer I'd looking forward to enjoying my daughter's first summer.

  3. I also have a summer manifesto (OK, more like a to-do list of projects that I want to complete). Hope to get it posted soon, although the cool and rainy weather here makes me feel like summer is still ages away!

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