one wall of one room. done.

I, of course, am talking about the nursery. There is still a bunch of furniture in the room that we need to move out – more for minimal extra ‘stuff’ in the room than anything else. BUT. I have organized the dresser (aka. washed and put things away), put a light bulb in the lamp, and finished a couple of things that have been in the making since … 2009.

The summer prior to getting Charlie (our Golden Retriever puppy who’s now 2 1/2 years old), we drove down the Oregon coast. Camping and showing off the coast to M. was wonderful as it is one of my favourite places in North America. We stopped in Canon Beach and I took a look around one of the great quilt stores … and found “Little Owls” by Barbara Brandeburg. It’s a tied quilt that can only be described as completely silly. I actually started it almost immediately when we got home but soon put it aside. What was I going to do with it? M. was not going to want something like this above our bed!

So, I rolled it up in a towel and garbage bag, threw it in the back of our closet and left it.


I pulled it out this Spring in hopes of finishing it. The heat n’bond needed to finish it off was a pain to work with but I didn’t want to spend the time sewing the owls down either by hand or on my machine. I just didn’t see the point of spending the time. Lazy, I know, but this is not an heirloom!


It’s silly and fun. Perfect colours for a gender-neutral nursery! Here’s an up close of the owls themselves:


You may have noticed above that there is a ‘package’ sitting on the dresser.


It is a travel change pad. I saw the idea on someone’s blog a long time ago, filed it away and didn’t think about it again. After making all those diapers, I had about 2 meters left of the PUL fabric. I cut a roughly 16” x 40” rectangle out of the PUL, quilting cotton left over from the owls quilt and batting. I did some top stitching on the PUL and batting to secure it together and allow for washing (necessary for a little one).


Made a sandwich, stitched around, turned it right side out and folded over one end to make an 8” pocket. I stitched up the center to create two pockets: one for the liners and one for the outer diaper covers. About 4 liners and 3 diapers fits nicely.


All-in-all, very successful, free and simple. It took me about an hour and a half to make it. And it’s super light, unlike the ones I saw in the stores.


If you can believe it, I have finished the ‘baby sewing’ I wanted to do and am on to some Christmas presents that I am planning to finish next week and put away. There has been knitting, albeit very little. I will share that with you soon :)

Also, Charlie would like to say something. He’s very concerned with all the changes occurring upstairs at the moment. He thought you might want to know. Charlotte doesn’t seem to be nearly concerned enough, according to him. He would like to know what’s going on :)


And I am pleased to announce I am officially finished Grad school! We drove to Northern Alberta this past weekend and I convocated with my classmates on Friday. I am so pleased to be finished – and we had amazing weather the whole time we were gone. I have photos but haven’t downloaded them yet – I will share them soon.

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday – I am still reading what I was reading a couple of weeks ago … and knitting what I was knitting … so no Yarn Along for me today :)

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  1. Congratulations on your convocation! And nice work on the quilt – the owls are very cute!

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