I thought I would join Ginny in her Yarn Along today since I am really enjoying my current knitting project and reading a great book. First, the book:


I love everything Barbara Erskine writes – this is her second newest book. All of her books are historical fiction that generally go back and forth between the past and present. I always enjoy them! In terms of knitting, I am working steadily on the Creature Comforts Cardigan – I actually think I will get it finished today and since the weather is gorgeous here, I may even get it blocked and dried!


This has been a labour of love for me – I love the effect of the oak leaf pattern but for some reason my heart wasn’t in it. I threw it on my dress form last night and love the results … but I am just not into knitting right now. Will Knit For Food’s Michelle posted this a while back and that is TOTALLY how I am feeling. There’s just nothing I am working on right now that is really fuelling my fire but I am craving something great … Not sure what to do about it. I definitely am not into baby knitting – I tried but with having a little one in July, there’s just no point! I’m looking forward to some winter 6 month or even 18 month knits but it’s too far away to be knitting something for then since we don’t know the gender yet.

If you have a pattern or have knit something really awesome lately that you really enjoyed, I would love to hear about it! Maybe it’ll get a fire lit under my butt ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I love those leaves; they're beautiful. As for greatness . . . I'm not sure it counts, but I just cast on for kilt hose for my husband. It certainly feels AMBITIOUS – at least for me.

  2. Kilt hose sound very cool – good luck with them!

  3. Wow those Oak leaves are sweet!

  4. I know you are not inspired but those Oak leave are gorgeouse.I am working on a Christmas Fairy for Friday. I hope to have it done by then so I can share the pattern. With All That I amCarie "The Handmade Homemaker"

  5. Very nice leaves.Pretty jacket – enjoy wearing it.

  6. the cardi is looking great! I guess with your due date that close your focus is not in knitting but that is totally normal. It happened to me. Now that my "baby" is 2 years old, the knitting mojo is back. The cakes of yarn and circular needles will wait for you…to come back with all the enthusiasm!

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