pillow talk.

I’m not a very good housekeeper. M is awesome. He’s always making sure the vacuuming is done, that I’m on track with laundry and the dogs are clean/fed. It doesn’t come naturally to me – but my brother is the same so I don’t feel so badly. And apparently M finds it all very relaxing. Go figure.

He’s been after me to make some decisions about the nursery … Mom had me choose some fabric for a baby quilt she wants to make for us (which I am super excited about as it has zoo animals on it). I bought some discount fabric at a local quilting shop for some pillows to make the glider more comfortable on my back. I finally got around to actually buying the pillow forms … and making the pillows themselves.

glider pillows 2

Super simple but effective.

glider pillows 3

The backs are 5” overlapping pieces with folded, finished 1/4” seams for easy peasy removal and washing if they get dirty from baby … or the dogs mouthing them (apparently they are very interesting – it must be the smell of the pillow forms themselves).

glider pillows 4

The next project is the diaper bag, actually acquiring the crib (we’ve ordered it, just waiting for it to arrive) and other miscellaneous things I would rather not think about … I’m not very good at this whole ‘nesting’ thing. Oh well! M will keep me on track :)

ps. Sorry for the cr*ppy iPhone photos – M is in a meeting so I can’t get the camera from his office!

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