There have been exciting things happening here at Casa del Welford. As I have mentioned, I have been delving into sewing again. Thoroughly, I am enjoying it.


Like swatching in knitting, I decided to make a muslin for the Minoru Jacket (by Tasia of Sewaholic). I was torn between a size 10 and size 12 based on the pattern measurements. I cut a size 12 figuring I could always cut a size 10 if it was markedly too big even after adjustments. Since this is a jacket and I want to be able to wear a sweatshirt or this underneath, it needs a lot of positive ease so I decided to stick with the size 12.


Based on the pattern, as well as my own body, measurements the fit is perfect. I didn’t bother with the collar when I cut the muslin. Neither did I cut the front plackets. What I was most concerned about was the depth of the raglan sleeved yoke and the placement of the elastic waistband. In making the muslin, I did learn the sleeves are way too long for even my long arms so I eliminated 2 inches (and cut a size 10) when I cut the ‘real’ version.


The raglan is perfect with a sweatshirt beneath (I didn’t photograph this as my favourite one is the same colour as the muslin). The elastic waistband, however, will be too low. I marked the new placement for the ‘real’ jacket. As well, I’ll have to raise the inside pocket on the lining.


Without raising the waistband, the back neck to waist is too long for me. I’ll reassess when I get to this step in the pattern – wish me luck! We’ll see if my measurements work out …


Now onto the fun part :)

What are you working on? Is it challenging and enjoyable? Mindless and relaxing? Exciting and new? Happy stormy November!

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  1. I've found it to be true that Sewaholic patterns are veeeerrry long-waisted. I'm short-waisted, so it's not unusual for me to raise the waistline an inch or two, but in Sewaholic I usually have to raise it a whopping four inches or so. I love that you're making this! Dying to see how it turns out. I think I will make it eventually… I need more casual coats and raglan seams are my favourite arm treatment on my figure.

  2. I was very surprised just how long waisted this pattern was – I ended up raising the waist 4" in the end. I loooove how it turned out – can't wait to share it with you :)

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