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A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan

Slow cloth is just that: Slow. It takes a long time to make and there is deep consideration of the process. I started spinning for this project last year, on October 1, 2017, to be exact. I finished the spinning in February 2018 after a long final push to get the project finished. It had… Continue reading A Year in the Making: Sparkle Cardigan


sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock

If you have been listening to makerRadio, you may have heard me talking about the idea of a Daily Uniform or Daily Handmade Wardrobe. The idea is very similar to a capsule wardrobe with a bit of a twist. An ‘ah-ha’ moment occurred one afternoon when I was listening to a thought my sister-in-law was… Continue reading sewn: Ann Carolyn Smock


Wiksten dress + tunic

I’m sitting here, feeling sorry for myself because I just had braces put on my bottom teeth today and my mouth is hurting a lot. Did it hurt this much when I was a teenager? I can’t remember but I’ve delivered two babies naturally, with no medication, and this maybe hurts more. I decided to… Continue reading Wiksten dress + tunic