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asymmetrical tea towels (Pt II): weaving, finishing and pressing

This project was supposed to be a multi-part chronicle but in the end, I just didn't have it in me to blog a ton about the ins and outs of this project. Emotionally, I didn't have it in me with the events happening in our family and then voila! They were done. In some ways,… Continue reading asymmetrical tea towels (Pt II): weaving, finishing and pressing

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asymmetrical tea towels (Pt. I): warping & re-beaming

For the first time in my creating, I made a sort-of mood board. Because I never went to design school, this way of creating in the process never resonated with me before but in weaving, there are so many colours and patterns that I felt I needed something to focus my thoughts. Over the course… Continue reading asymmetrical tea towels (Pt. I): warping & re-beaming

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handspun ‘Eden’ stole

There are more than a few things that I love about Ravelry but one of the most important features is the ability to keep a working journal of my projects and yarns. The platform gives me the opportunity to keep my notes as detailed or simple as I would like from project-to-project. A few months… Continue reading handspun ‘Eden’ stole

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handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

After the semi-disaster I experienced after buying my loom, I found I had a wee bit of anxiety about starting another project. The table runner project turned out well, although dense, but it wasn’t a large enough confidence booster to get me to warp with a bunch of handspun immediately. Not that I think my… Continue reading handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

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Corespun Woven Table Runner

Our guild has been working towards a Gallery Show in the summer and I’ve been really excited to get started on mine! I chose ‘C is for Corespun’ because at the time, I was really into corespinning. I still love the effect that corespinning has but have mostly been distracted by other projects. One of… Continue reading Corespun Woven Table Runner