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CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

May has been a busy month so I decided to break down the gradient batt that Katrina prepared this month and spin the Charollais fibre end-to-end, with a little pre-drafting for smooth spinning, while working my way across the batt systematically. I have never had the pleasure of spinning Charollais before, although I have spun… Continue reading CraftyJAKS: May 2019 // Charollais

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handspun ‘Eden’ stole

There are more than a few things that I love about Ravelry but one of the most important features is the ability to keep a working journal of my projects and yarns. The platform gives me the opportunity to keep my notes as detailed or simple as I would like from project-to-project. A few months… Continue reading handspun ‘Eden’ stole

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Episode 115: #slowcloth Shetland spin & Gotland/Silk spinning growth

Thank you for joining me this week! I have some exciting news to share! For those hoping to purchase e-book copies of the book, they are now available from Blurb. The links are here. Breed & Colour Studies went live this morning - be sure to read this post here for links. Welcome to new… Continue reading Episode 115: #slowcloth Shetland spin & Gotland/Silk spinning growth

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Breed & Colour Study: Dorset Horn

Dear Spinning Circle ~ It's that time of year again! Another Breed & Colour Study is set to go-live next week! We started sharing photos in the thread in Ravelry and Katrina continues to look through it to see what you guys have been posting. A community member, Charlette (@carlota), posted this photo, which we… Continue reading Breed & Colour Study: Dorset Horn

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Episode 114 Live: Unbraided, Fibres West & new Breed & Colour Study

Thank you joining me this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers - I appreciate you tuning in. Thank you to patrons of the show - you keep this little community alive and thriving! After a rocky start to March, I decided to take a small break during our Spring Break and get away. We… Continue reading Episode 114 Live: Unbraided, Fibres West & new Breed & Colour Study

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Unbraided: PRE-ORDERS

Hi Everyone ~ Thank you for your kind comments and thoughts on my post about Charlotte. I deeply appreciated it and I know many of you have experienced loss of fur-babies. My heart goes out to you also. This post is kind of a big deal! Katrina of Crafty Jaks Boutique and I have some… Continue reading Unbraided: PRE-ORDERS