If you haven't learned how to do something, the people who have may seem to be magicians, possessors of mysterious secrets. In a fairly simple art, such as making a pie crust, there are certain teachable 'secrets' of method that lead almost infallibly to good results; but in any complex art, such as housekeeping, piano-playing,… Continue reading work.

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Art is revelation instead of information, expression instead of description, creation instead of imitation or repetition. Art is concerned with the HOW, not the WHAT; not with literal content, but with the performance of the factual content. The performance - how it is done - that is the content of art. ~ Josef Albers ~

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grist :: it is kind of really important.

When spinners talk about grist, I think many of us glaze over. My knee-jerk reaction to grist is, “Well, that sounds serious,” and then subsequently beetle off and do something else. But grist is actually really important. For me, the main reason that the grist of a yarn is so important is that I can… Continue reading grist :: it is kind of really important.

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spun from stash and comparing knitted samples.

Per my agreement with my No. 1 partner (aka my husband), I am spinning from stash for much of the rest of the year. We have two festivals in the fall that I faithfully attend :: Knit City and The Langley Weavers and Spinners Guild Artisan’s Sale. Knit City always promises some really interesting and… Continue reading spun from stash and comparing knitted samples.

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Episode 7.1 {audio} :: A Wrap-up of Tour de Fleece.

Thank you for listening to this slightly different format! As I mention in the episode, I am exploring different mediums to decide how I want to proceed with the podcast. For show notes, see below. If I haven’t linked to something, please leave a comment and I will share the links. Also, if you have… Continue reading Episode 7.1 {audio} :: A Wrap-up of Tour de Fleece.

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TdF 2015. On your marks …

Tour de Fleece starts this weekend! It’s an annual event that the Official Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry hosts. For spinners around the world, it’s a wonderful event to connect with other spinners, as well as to challenge yourself, even with goals as simple as to spin each day. July 4th marks the start… Continue reading TdF 2015. On your marks …