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The Language of Love

Today is my son's 5th birthday! How has the time passed this quickly?! I hope you are celebrating something wonderful this summer, too! My dear friend Katrina recently released a line of yarn to honour her friend Ann, who is currently battling cancer and just finished receiving a round of chemo in the States as… Continue reading The Language of Love

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Episode 69: Sheep to Shawl

Thank you for tuning in this week – I really appreciated everyone who continues to follow the show week after week. Thank you especially to our Patreon subscribers who keep the show on the air week in and out. There will be a LIVE Stream for Patreon subscribers this weekend: Sunday, May 14th at 0800hrs… Continue reading Episode 69: Sheep to Shawl

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woven: Combo Spin Scarf

While this is too long and I spoke about it length on this episode, I thought I would share some photos of my recent woven FO. I used my Leading Men Fiber Arts and Spunky Eclectic handspun yarn that I spun in August 2015. It was over-twisted but lovely and light from spinning it over… Continue reading woven: Combo Spin Scarf

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Layers of Influence: Tradition versus Fast Fashion

A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to take my mom and join our guild on a curator’s tour of a current exhibition at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. As we were driving out to the Vancouver Campus, it was a lot like coming home because my husband and… Continue reading Layers of Influence: Tradition versus Fast Fashion

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Episode 63: Degumming carrier rod, Targhee & Locks in weaving

Thank you for tuning in again this week! Welcome to new and returning viewers. Thank you to the Patreon community for the ongoing support that keeps the show on the air week after week. This week, I chat about degumming my carrier rod silk and carding it together with some cotton from my stash. I’ve… Continue reading Episode 63: Degumming carrier rod, Targhee & Locks in weaving

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restored weaving fail

I mentioned recently that I had a weaving disaster. It was my second project on my loom. I have been really worried from the time I decided to get a loom till now about making a mistake for two reasons: [1] It is a lot of yarn to ‘waste’ and [2] It is a lot… Continue reading restored weaving fail

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Corespun Woven Table Runner

Our guild has been working towards a Gallery Show in the summer and I’ve been really excited to get started on mine! I chose ‘C is for Corespun’ because at the time, I was really into corespinning. I still love the effect that corespinning has but have mostly been distracted by other projects. One of… Continue reading Corespun Woven Table Runner