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sampling through knitting handspun socks

This post has been a long time in the writing - it was kind of abandoned after I finished each pair of socks because I was so burned out on them! Regardless, I hope you enjoy reading about this adventure from last year! These socks coincided with a lot of sock knitting for the book,… Continue reading sampling through knitting handspun socks

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Striped Colour Play.

I was sitting on the couch at work, in the corner, knitting away on these socks. On a whim after a conversation with my dear friend Katrina the night before, I had started them quickly. As I knit them up and listened to the chatter in the staff room, I couldn’t help but think that… Continue reading Striped Colour Play.

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Episode 35 :: Socks

Thank you for joining me this week! I have a pair of handspun socks finished, as well as a fresh spin on my wheel. I also chat about a sweater that I started last week and have been blasting through! It’s quite a bit bigger than last week! To join the Ravelry group, head over… Continue reading Episode 35 :: Socks

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more socks galore.

The obsession with sock knitting continues this week with a follow-up from Monday’s post with you guessed it, more socks! For the Christmas break, our little family piled onto a plane and flew to Toronto to spend the holidays with our extended family. It was loud, boisterous and exhausting but tons of fun. The kids… Continue reading more socks galore.

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socks galore.

This has been a sock heavy fall and I’ve been so excited to share them but … they were gifts! Now that Christmas is over I can share all of them with you. I have saved one pair for another post because I am hoping for some feedback from my mom before I write about… Continue reading socks galore.

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Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks October 2015 Thank you for watching! This month’s videocast features a new segment called Tips & Techniques, a possible breed-a-long in the group, socks and a give away. I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within… Continue reading Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks