Episode 51: Combo Spin, Speckles & Hexies

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you enjoyed a break over the holiday season and are feeling refreshed. I’m certainly looking forward to the new year and making plans. Today, I’m chatting about a final spin from 2016 that I had hoped to finish, the SweetGeorgia club fibre and my new Hexagon obsession … I hope you enjoy the show! Thank you to our Patreon supporters for keeping this show on the air. Please remember to check out the pilot episode of Wool n’ Spinning Radio, which will be a Patreon-only audio podcast beginning this month.

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Wool n’ Spinning Radio will start in January for Patreon subscribers. The link to the Pilot episode for everyone to listen to can be found here. For those who join Patreon in January, please note you will gain your access to the RSS feed in early February. You will have access to all previous shows, as you will have the RSS feed link to plug into your favourite podcast app and it will download all previous shows for you.

Here are some things I talked about today:

If you are wondering about anything I talked about and can’t find it, please leave a comment and I will help direct you.

Until next week – Happy Spinning!


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  1. while watching your show this morning I had my magic hook in my hand finishing the button band on my lopi sweater. so when you commented on my comment of magic wand I just laughed out load.
    after so many years of knitting I finally figured out crochet just 2 years ago. because the movement is so different from knitting I feel like I have a magic wand in my fingers that I wave as I turn my yarn into blankets. in 2 years I have gone from only being able to make the basic stitches to being able to read the pattern charts and produce fairly nice looking squares.

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