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After receiving many calls from the community for a virtual spinning group, I’ve been working behind the scenes for the past few months to make this a reality. With the very supportive help of my husband, who’s incredible, I have decided to take this new challenge on! This is something I’ve been hoping to provide for the community for a long time – and I’m excited to finally be able to meet that need for anyone who is interested!

Women, in particular, have come together for centuries in the form of stitch-n-bitches, knitting circles, weaving round robins and spinning groups. These groups have been for so many reasons: Friendship, support, motivation, work-bees, inspiration, learning and help.

What better community to establish a group like this but here, at Wool n’ Spinning. Join us in 3 Spinning Group sessions per month, or as many as you can join us for. We will be using ZOOM MEETINGS – I will be sending you a link to join our sessions, Tuesdays @ 10:30am PST. These will be 30 minutes of sitting together, working on our projects but I will be available for you to ask questions and get personal feedback.

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Based on popularity, we will add more groups as time goes on. Utilize me as a resource for these sessions – I will be available to answer questions, help and give advice (when asked for). I hope you join us!

Patreon information here.

LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE! We will spend the next couple of weeks in February getting used to the format and spending time together. The first session will occur as we have participants.


  • Monthly Teaching Vlog (51 Yarns SAL, Group A & B)
  • EARLY ACCESS to Wool n’ Spinning Radio
  • Slack Channel
  • Thoughtful Spinner PDFs (Group A & B)
  • How I Spin Vlogs
  • bi-weekly Wool Stream (2/month: 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 9:15am PST) – these are available for viewing at any time after the stream if you miss the live stream that morning
  • Spinning Group, 3/month, Tuesdays @ 10:30am PST, via Zoom Meetings (avail. via desktop, apps on smartphones & tablets, ideal if access to camera & mic)

For questions, please post below and don’t hesitate to message me directly – partiularly via Slack or email: rachel [dot] smith614 @ gmail [dot] com

Until we ‘meet’ virutally,


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