Virtual Spin Group Updates!

Dear Spin Group,

After lots of chatter this week in Spin Group, we are making some changes to help us fill our goals, needs and of course, social outlets together!

Some of us would like to push our comfort zones and learn to spin more ‘advanced’ fibres, which we are going to do in the coming months by stash-diving and pulling out anything we’re afraid of spinning: Bison, Yak, Cashmere, etc. Let’s focus on those more expensive fibres that we often have in our stash in small amounts.

This is a time each week to ask questions and help one another out – please feel free to come with questions, queries and your spinning wheels! We are also prone to just chat away and drink coffee, sharing our project progress.

We will be moving our time together to Wednesdays prior to the podcast – from 9:15 – 10:15am PST – Yes, you read that right! A full 1 hour together! Now that we are up and running, getting to know one another and having so much fun, we felt this was the opportune way to connect with each other.


The Zoom Meeting links will be posted each week prior to the meeting and there will be passwords associated to enter. If you haven’t used Zoom before, we are here to help you navigate the platform – all you need is a cheap webcam to jump in with us!

Our next Spin Group get together will be Wednesday, March 4th @ 9:15am PST. 

I hope you will be joining us! Check out the landing page on to read through the different tiers and join us! Please post any questions you have below as I’m sure others have similar queries as well!



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