Ketchup & Pickles | November 2023

Dear Spinning Circle,

The weather has finally turned cold here in the PNW! I pulled out my parka the other evening on our way to soccer but I’ll take it because we haven’t had a ton of rain – it’s actually been sunny!

This month, my mom, Norah and I headed to Vancouver’s Circle Craft Christmas Market at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. We try to go every year and it did not diappoint (even though we didn’t purchase much of anything) because we just love to look, feel inspired and spend the day together.

Enjoying a day out with Norah (L), my mom (M) & myself (R). Three generations together – I felt grateful for the day out with two of my favourite people in the whole world!

This first Live Stream of the month has been recorded, available for your viewing pleasure, along with shownotes and whatnot here. Watch live recording here with Live Chat Replay.

Our next Live Stream will be Tuesday, November 21st @ 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 6pm GMT.

Wool n’ Spinning Radio

This month, Rebecca and I sat down to chat about our energy levels and creativity at this time of year. We’ve already had really positive feedback about the episode – what do you do at this time of year, when things start to get really busy for the holiday season, to look after yourself?

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Do you want to be on Wool n’ Spinning Radio? Reach out and send Rachel a note – she’d love to hear from you!

In October, Rebecca and I sat down with Crystal Hesser to come together with a textured-yarn spin-along to finish the year. Share your photos, your favourite corespun projects you’ve made and just HAVE FUN! Let’s make a bunch of corespun yarn to celebrate all things textured yarns!

Use the tag #corespinalong for sharing your projects. More information is here.

I hope you enjoy this ALONG with us – even if you just spin a little bit to give the technique a try, I encourage you to do so! Click here to listen.

Year of Colour | Spinning Purls

There is lots going on this month! Check it out:

In keeping with our CoreSpin Along, Rebecca shares tips, tricks and techniques on the most recent episode of The Wool Circle and will continue to build on that later this month! Episode is here.

Rebecca and I have both been playing around with supercoils and corespun – one of my absolute favourite techniques. It’s fun and although it doesn’t make a lot of finished yardage, it is just so stunning! Try something new this month and see what you can create! More tips and tricks coming on the next episode of The Wool Circle.

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In Spinning Purls, we are exploring Colour Harmonies!

  • Colour Harmonies Vlog here
  • Colour Harmonies PDF here

Rebecca and I introduced our Year of Colour idea back in the fall and now it’s time to really dive in. Getting started with colour:


Indexes to Keep Up With All the Things:


  • For a softcover copy of How I Spin: A Sock Study, check here & e-book link here
  • For softcover copies of Unbraided: The Art & Science of Spinning Colour, check here


If there is anything missing that you’d like to see in our Housekeeping post, please let me know!



P.S. What is Ketchup & Pickles, anyway? It came from my son, James, actually! He told me it is a chance to ‘catch-up’ and play (pickles).

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