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I have not been knitting lately. School work had taken over my life. As has work and life in general. I don’t think I have had a busier Fall – ever. I decided to leave my full-time position. I am now back where I started: in Emergency. Working casual has it’s perks: I work with all the different lines, set my own schedule and have weekends off. Oh, and no night shifts. Whoot!

Needless to say, no knitting time. Until this past weekend. I realized that if Christmas knitting was going to get done, it needed to be started. But then I got distracted by this: {ravelry link}. I know, right? I had to make it. I had some Cascade 220 left over from my Give a Hoot mittens:


Sadly, they are still lacking eyes. One day soon they will be able to see. This pattern also happens to be one of my Christmas knitting projects. Another pair will be for my mom, who is almost as owl crazy as me. Hers will be out of an aran weight yarn. Her hands are slightly bigger than mine and she gets quite cold so I wanted them to be a little more substantial. And washable, so Misson Falls 1825 Superwash Merino comes to the rescue – in green.

Now to show off the un-blocked #12 Cabled Cowl:


It’s needs to be blocked but I made no mods. I like the “stretchiness” of it already. It’s soft and I think it’ll be perfect for Toronto at New Years over my winter coat. I am going to block it tomorrow and will take some “proper” photos of me wearing and loving it. haha.

Last thing to share: New books! I was wandering in two LYSs this past week and found two books I have been looking for:


I am in love with the Made in Brooklyn by Jared Flood. He is such a talented and resourceful designer. I love everything he touches. Norah’s book is excellent as well. I am knitting the Wilson Hat for my dad for Christmas. The Feldspar Scarf will be for my hubby – it will be the first knitted gift for him ever. I know right? He doesn’t like anything “scratchy” or “that would cause you a lot of work” – very thoughtful. But I want to knit him things!!! So I am just going for it – the Ultra Alpaca he doesn’t find itchy on his skin and I am going to soak it for longer in Soak or Eucalan to soften it up even more. Too bad – it’s time he had a knitted gift!

I finished another scarf this past week that I am anxious to share but I have no photos of it yet. I will get those done this weekend and post them soon. To everyone embarking on Christmas knitting:

~~ Good Luck ~~

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