unfinished. equals un-bliss.

I am feeling a little frustrated with the number of unfinished projects in my knitting basket. The number unfinished seem to be climbing and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Part of the reason they are unfinished is because the majority are not simple, fast or easy knits.

Take the first project. Old Penny (Forestry) by Veronik Avery was published in Vogue (Fall 2008) which was their best issue ever in my humble opinion. It’s a very enjoyable knit – but the ripping and re-knitting for fitting purposes has put a damper on my progress towards the final casting off. I was finished and knitting the collar and realized that it was about 3 inches too short. Now I am re-working the yoke and I think the sleeves are too tight so I may have to rip back again.


The second project is an epic tale which will be shared at a later time in another post. Norah Gaughan’s Tilted Duster is still not done. It has been on the needles for a while and I am hoping the skirt starts to come to near completion soon … I am starting to get annoyed with the black. It’s amazing what happens when you start to knit with colour … all of a sudden, boring neutrals not the interesting knit do they make!


Although there are more projects on the needles that need to be cast off and finished, I am only going to share one more that is plaguing me. The Effortless Cardigan by Hannah Fettig is lovely … when finished. Unfortunately it is miles and miles of St st … which I am just plain sick of. I like some challenge in my knitting but I am putting up with simple for the shear love of the finished product – and I have the mostest perfectest yarn for it!


I hope I am not the only one with unfinished projects piling up around them. I think I will feel a lot better once I actually finish just one project – just one. That’s all I ask. I am putting my money on the Tilted Duster as the first one to the gate but at this rate … who knows? Thanks for listening to my little crisis! Hope you are finishing lots in your knitting bag :)


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  1. I totally feel your pain over Penny. Mine had been on the needles since 2008 too and I just ripped and reknit the collar button band combo but after taking pics of it today I'm still not happy with how its sitting. I don't have enough yarn left to knit it much larger but I'm wondering if I can add onto what i've already knit. It's sooo annoying!! Good luck getting something finished!

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