Episode 67: A bit of Stash Talk

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Thank you for tuning in this week! I tried to keep the coughing to a minimum and although our family is feeling better, we’ve had an eventful week. Thank you new and returning viewers – welcome to this place. I hope you will join us in the Ravelry group. To our Patreon subscribers: Thank you for your ongoing support and contribution to the show! This week, I chat about my finished breed study spin which means I only have a little bit of my Baby Llama left to spin. I’m looking forward to starting on our next study, which combines colour and breed into one! This is now open to everyone and hope you check it out here. I share some progress on my Shoreline Vest by Carrie Bostick Hoge. Lastly, I chat about some of my plans to stash down my languishing fibre in some large weaving spins. We have started a Stashdown SPAKAL in the Ravelry group. I hope you enjoy the show!

If you are looking for anything in particular that I talked about please, comment below!

Until next week,

Happy Spinning!

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