CoreSpin Along | Wool n’ Spinning Radio, ep. 0098

CoreSpin Along | Wool n’ Spinning Radio, ep. 0098 | Chatting about our CoreSpin Along kicking off this month, tips & tricks for spinning corespun & what we might use our textured yarns for! #corespinalong #woolnspinning

Dear Spinning Circle,

“Corespinning creates an amazing yarn that can replace a conventional-spun yarn.“ -Crystal Hesser

I have something special to share with you this month! As part of our conversation in August, Crystal and I talked about bringing the community together with a textured-yarn spin-along to finish the year. Share your photos, your favourite corespun projects you’ve made and just HAVE FUN! Let’s make a bunch of corespun yarn to celebrate all things textured yarns! Use the tag #corespinalong for sharing your projects.

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To share your spinning, we have a couple of places to share:

Slack Channel: #texturedyarn

Ravelry Group: CoreSpin Along here

To help ground you in what Corespun yarns are, look like and might be used for, here are some photos to help! First, basic corespun:

Here is an example of plied corespun yarn:

Rebecca talks about her corespun sweater, Nebula, at length in the episode:

Photo Copyright Rebecca Osborn

Rebecca’s Project Page here and FREE Ravelry pattern here. Rebecca also mentions the technique autowrapping, which is another way of wrapping fibre onto a core. This is an example of a corespun yarn that I also autowrapped thread around, then plied:

Crystal shared her idea of corespinning her bird’s nest that became an amazing fascinator:

Corespun yarn then supercoiled:

Finally, weaving with corespun yarns with fulling to make a project bag:

We have talked about corespinning in the community previously:

Tips to Get Started:

  1. Don’t give up
  2. Good, strong core
  3. Add twist to the core prior to starting
  4. Even tension so that the core is being moved onto the bobbin steadily (this keeps the twist from building up beforehand)
  5. Steam to finish
  6. Have FUN!


Glow & Yellow by Scott Buckley (@ScottBuckley) – released under CC-BY 4.0.

I hope you enjoy this ALONG with us – even if you just spin a little bit to give the technique a try, I encourage you to do so!



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